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At netSafes we focus on one thing - selling high quality safes at some of the cheapest prices you can find on the net together with great service that includes free delivery*.

Security rated safes

All our safes are rated, where applicable, to EN1143-1 and EN14450 S2 by the testing and certification body LPCB / BRE - based in Garston, Watford, England.

This means you can confidently choose which safe meets your specific needs and requirements, giving you the assurance you need that your valuables are in a safe place.

Peace of mind at home and work

Our range of safes are suitable for both at home, and at work. Our Safewise and Homewise safes are targeted at the home market, being suitable for holding cash or jewellery.

Whilst our highly competitive Eurowise safes are a good choice for small and medium sized businesses that need the assurance of a safe on the premises.