Eurowise Grade 0 Size 1 Safe

The Eurowise Grade 0 Size 1 safe is an excellent safe for small businesses needing to keep cash or important documents on their premises overnight. That's not to say home owners won't benefit from the increased security offered by the safe, but it is considerably heavier than our Homewise and S2 safes.

The stronger construction of this safe is reflected in the safe's higher rating and fire resistance.

The safe is fitted with a double bitted key lock that conforms to the EN1300 standard for high security locks. Additionally, the safe is fire resistant for 60 minutes and is rated for cash up to £6,000 and jewellery up to £60,000.

Eurowise Grade 0 Size 1 safe
Certification: LPCB / BRE
Rating: £6k cash / £60k jewellery
Fire protection: Up to 60 minutes
Capacity: 35 litres
External dimensions: 485mm x 485mm x 498mm (HxWxD)
Internal dimensions: 355mm x 355mm x 275mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 173kg
Price: £489.00