Homewise safe

The Homewise safe is an ideal safe for those wanting to store more valuable items at home. It has a stronger construction than netSafe's S2 safes.

The safe has a 10mm thick plate door, and a reinforced concrete body offering exceptional security for the price. Because of these additional features, this is a heavier safe than the S2 range of safes.

The safe is fitted with a double bitted key lock that conforms to the EN1300 standard for high security locks. Additionally, the safe is fire resistant for 30 minutes and is rated for cash up to £5,000 and jewellery up to £50,000.

Homewise safe
Rating: £5k cash / £50k jewellery
Fire protection: Up to 30 minutes
Capacity: 14 litres
External dimensions: 380mm x 328mm x 322mm (HxWxD)
Internal dimensions:: 280mm x 228mm x 222mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 85kg
Price: £299