S2 Mini safe

The S2 Mini safe is an excellent home safe for those wanting to keep selected valuables and cash at home.

The safe's compact dimensions and lightweight construction, together with fixing holes in the base and the rear of the safe, allows for a wide variety of installation options.

The safe is fitted with a double bitted key lock that conforms to the EN1300 standard for high security locks. Additionally, the safe is fire resistant for 30 minutes and is rated for cash up to £4,000 and jewellery up to £40,000.

S2 Mini safe
Certification: LPCB / BRE
Rating: £4k cash / £40k jewellery
Fire protection: Up to 30 minutes
Capacity: 12 litres
External dimensions : 275mm x 325mm x 325mm (HxWxD)
Internal dimensions: 200mm x 250mm x 225mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 29kg
Price: £139.00